Dancer Attendance Policy


As of August 1, 2019. Subject to change. 

Our productions take the work of each one of us to be successful.  Being cast in a part does not guarantee that you will perform the part or dance the part in every performance.

Rehearsal will begin at the posted times, dancers are expected to arrive ahead of the scheduled time (at least 15 minutes) in order to be well warmed up and ready to dance (in proper attire, leotard, tights, bun) at the assigned times.  All rehearsals will be held at COYB until tech week, when we will be in the theater.  Costume Fittings are “rehearsals;” attendance is mandatory.

Rehearsal absences greatly impact the ability for choreography (and costuming) to progress week to week, and for the dancers’ ability to master the material, particularly when setting new patterns/spacing.  Occasionally a production will never have the opportunity to work together as a full cast until “Put-Togethers.”  This increases the stress on all the individuals involved.

“Availability” is your commitment to us for when you are regularly able to come to rehearsals.  Please be as clear as possible—availability does have the potential to effect casting decisions.

“Conflicts” are known mandatory school and family functions (see illness/injury section and exceptions are of course made for unexpected events such as funerals).  It is the dancer’s responsibility to learn any missed material BEFORE the next rehearsal.   Conflicts are NOT permitted during “Put-Togethers,” the last two weekends leading up to tech week, and Tech Week itself.  Understand that missing three Saturday rehearsals in a ten-week rehearsal schedule is 1/3 of the rehearsal time.  If you have an excessive number of conflicts (generally around 3 or more) during a production period, please speak with the Rehearsal Director and realize that this will effect casting and staff may ask you to reconsider your participation in this production.

School Dances (Homecoming/Prom)
Dances are not an "academic or family commitment" and therefore NOT an excused absence. Performing with COYB is a huge commitment. We understand working with dancers and their families around family and school commitments; however, extracurricular activities are a choice of how to spend your time. In committing to COYB, each dancer has in effect committed their extracurricular time to COYB. If you have made us aware of homecoming as a conflict we will do our best to schedule your rehearsals earlier in the day, and expect you to be present.  We will make every attempt to accommodate you and to try to arrange the schedule such that you are free after 5:30pm.  However, this greatly depends on the roles you are cast in and progress of those pieces to date.

If your dancer is running a fever and/or having active symptoms (vomiting etc.), please STAY HOME.  Dancers are responsible for any missed material as with any other missed rehearsal. If you are injured or have none of the symptoms above, we expect dancers to attend rehearsal and observe in order to learn the day’s material.  

In participating in a production you are making a commitment to COYB as a company.  The company’s mission includes participating in outreach events. Outreaches are important in fostering a sense of community. Many of our outreach performances reach children and serve both to entertain and to foster a love of dance. We are passionate about sharing the love of dance and making it available to other members of the community. Any dancer awarded a lead role is expected to attend every outreach.  All other dancers will be required to attend a set number of outreaches.