Consistent with our mission, COYB helps to incorporate key assets into the lives of our dancers.  We also believe in exposing and educating young people to the benefits of participation in dance and ballet through outreach performances.

Three formats are offered for COYB outreach performances.  All range from approximately 30 to 90 minutes in length and are tailored to the needs of the organizations that engages us.



A lecture- demonstration

A lecture-demonstration presents dance selections augmented by instructive commentary that communicates dance benefits, terminology, technique, and history.  These “informances” permit audiences to see the elements of ballet, demonstrated by young COYB company dancers with commentary from the artistic staff.

COYB dancers perform  Peter and the Wolf  for an elementary school audience.

COYB dancers perform Peter and the Wolf for an elementary school audience.


A mini-performance is designed to enlighten and enrich audiences by allowing the dance to speak for itself. This format is appropriate for a variety of events and venues. Peter and the Wolf, which offers clear characters, each anchored to a musical instrument is a favorite for this type of outreach.


interactive outreach

An interactive format combines portions of a mini-performance combined with some lecture-demonstration while incorporating some audience participation. Audiences learn some ballet basics and elements of telling a story as they are guided through a story with COYB dancers.


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