Costumes & Makeup


Theater etiquette is expected.

* Always come to Theater with hair down

* Street makeup or no makeup.

* Street clothes on.

* No visible dancewear!

After the performance you must remove your makeup, take your hair down and put on nice clothes quickly before coming out to greet your audience. You should look as though you attended the performance.

Only dancers and dressing room volunteers should be in the dressing rooms. It is very crowded!


First step with hair is to brush out tangles and apply gel or pump hairspray. Aerosol bothers many dancers so please avoid it.

Everyone should put their hair in a ponytail. Brittany showed them how to figure out where on their head with a ruler.

If you have thin hair you should then tease your ponytail by brushing it backward.

Put a few bobby pins around ponytail.

Shape hair and put hairnet around. Secure with bobby-pins.

Do the shake test.



Apply foundation on entire face and neck even into hairline.

If your hairline has thin spots please take your eyebrow pencil and fill these in.

Now use your eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows.

Make a cheesy smile and apply blush upward on cheek.

Apply lip liner

Fill in with plum glossy lipstick (no matte!)

Eyes: With the middle color eyes closed, top of eyeball to lashes. Lightest color: from eyebrows to crease.

Darkest color: crease straight out not down to open eyes.


**Younger dancers are finished at this point.** (Flurries, mice)

* Older dancers: Brown or black eyeliner.

Along upper lashline and straight out a 1/2”

same with lower lashline.

Red eye pencil- dot in inside corner of eye.

White eye pencil- inside corner of eye, wings, crease.


Please note

All dancers wearing tutus (other than snow *unless you share a leotard*) will need to wear a thong for hygiene and to protect the costume." Commando makes a nice one.

Eunice also recommends Walmart. Nude colored please.


Capezio Brand Mesh Transitional Tights in Theatrical Pink

Female dancers should use Capezio tights to accompany their costumes. All tights on stage must be uniform for each costume.