Production Participation Policies


As of August 1, 2019. Subject to change. 

  • Being cast in a part does not guarantee that you will perform the part or dance the part in every performance.

  • EVERY rehearsal is crucial to the performance. Therefore, if you miss rehearsals your roles may be reassigned.

We do understand family crisis situations such as illnesses or a death in the family. However, depending on the timing of these emergencies, casting may be affected.

Rehearsal Policies:

  • For safety reasons, dancers must be accompanied to and from the studio by an adult.

  • Dancers are not to leave the building without an adult chaperone or a parent.

  • Rehearsals are closed. Non-dancers and parents are not to be in the rehearsal spaces except when invited in by the artistic directors.

  • All dancers should bring a water bottle and healthy snacks all rehearsals.

  • The Production Manager/Artistic Directors must be notified of planned absences in advance and the absence must be approved by the Directors.

  • Rehearsals are held at The Ballet Academy, except for tech week, which is held at the theater.

  • ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY to warm up so that you are ready at the scheduled time.

  • If you are late, enter the studio and wait inside to ask permission to join the rehearsal. (Tardiness and absences may affect final casting decisions.)

  • Keep noise to a minimum in the hallways while rehearsals are taking place.

  • Dancers with minor/non-contagious illnesses should observe rehearsals.

  • Pertinent questions are encouraged during rehearsals.

Rehearsal Attire:

  • There is a dressing room for changing. If you choose to wear your dancewear upon arriving and leaving, it must be covered completely. Do not wear dance shoes on the street.

  • All dance bags must remain in the dressing room, not in hallways or rehearsal spaces.

  • Proper attire for rehearsals is a leotard and tights. Gentleman may wear a white T-shirt

    and black dance pants or a unitard.

  • Properly fitting canvas flat ballet shoes and/or pointe shoes.

  • Fitted warm ups (optional), no baggy clothing.

  • No jewelry.

Announcements and Changes:

  • Please make sure we have all email addresses of people who will need to be informed of COYB information before the end of the audition day.

  • Parents will be given an invite code to the Bloomz app. This will be how we notify parents that your dancer is ready for pick up from the audition and coordinate volunteer sign ups throughout Nutcracker season.

  • Rehearsal times and other things do change from time to time. It is your responsibility to stay current on information.


  • Costume fittings will be posted on the website. Please do not miss/be late for your fitting.

  • Do not enter the costume room unless authorized to do so.

  • Leave the studio as it was found or better. Put food away, wash dishes, wipe tables, and clean up the floor.

  • No gum anywhere on the premises.

  • Food is to be eaten in the lobby area only. Food should not be taken into the studios, changing rooms, or costume room.

    COYB is a 501(c)3 Charitable Arts Organization. Our mission is to provide professional quality performance opportunities to all area dancers and quality performances to Central Ohio audiences.